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Recharge and Bill Payments

Experience Convenience at Your Fingertips

Unlock Growth Opportunities with ProMoney’s Recharge & Bill Payments

Join the league of retailers expanding their revenue streams and enhancing customer satisfaction with ProMoney’s Recharge & Bill Payments solutions. Experience the power of convenience, profitability, and growth, all in one comprehensive platform.

Seamlessly Integrate Recharge & Bill Payments into Your Business

ProMoney’s user-friendly interface and seamless integration make it easy for retailers to offer recharge and bill payment services. With just a few clicks, retailers can expand their service offerings and attract more customers to their shop.

Expand Your Revenue Streams

Retailers can now offer bill payment services for gas, water, and electricity bills, providing customers with a one-stop solution for their utility payments.

Earn Lucrative Commissions

With each transaction, the retailers earn a nice commission, creating a lucrative alternate source of the revenue and the boosting profitability.

Convenience for Customers

Say goodbye to the hassle of visiting multiple payment centers. Customers can now pay their bills conveniently at their local ProMoney retailer, saving time and effort.

Accessible Mobile Recharges

The retailers can now easily offer the mobile and the DTH recharge services and also the catering to customers who may not have their own smartphones.

No Limitations

Customers without smartphones can now avail prepaid mobile recharge services, breaking barriers and ensuring access to essential services for all.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

By offering recharge services, retailers enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty, becoming the go-to destination for all their telecommunications needs.


ProMoney’s Commitment

Empowering Retailers, Transforming Transactions

At ProMoney, we’re committed to empowering retailers and transforming transactions. Join us in building a digital ecosystem where convenience meets profitability, and together, let’s shape the future of commerce.