At proMoney, Verify your bank accounts and holder name during onboarding kyc and before making payouts.

Verify Bank Account Details Instantly

Verify Bank Account Details Instantly

Quick and Reliable Verification

Efficient Bulk Verification

High Volume Verification

Perform single or bulk verifications for up to 10,000 bank accounts at once.

Excel Upload and APIs

Use our excel upload feature or integrate our APIs for seamless bulk verification.

Inbuilt Approval Flow

Assign maker and checker roles to minimize human errors and enhance accuracy.

Real-world Applications of ProMoney’s Verification Services

  • Empowering Marketplaces:
    A leading marketplace leveraged ProMoney’s Bank Account Verification to streamline vendor payouts. By ensuring that funds reached the correct beneficiaries, they significantly reduced payment disputes and improved vendor satisfaction.
  • Enhancing Fintech Efficiency:
    A prominent fintech company integrated ProMoney’s Verification Suite to enhance their KYC processes. The comprehensive verification capabilities enabled them to onboard customers swiftly, reducing onboarding times by 50%.
  • Insurance Industry Benefits:
    An insurance provider utilized ProMoney’s verification services to authenticate policyholders before disbursing claims. This ensured accurate payments and minimized fraud, enhancing trust and reliability.
  • Accelerating Recruitment Onboarding:
    A recruitment firm implemented ProMoney’s verification solutions to verify new hires’ bank account details. This streamlined their payroll process, reducing errors and ensuring timely salary disbursements.

Versatile Applications Across Industries

Who Can Use ProMoney’s Bank Account Verification?


Verify your users and your vendors to ensure payouts that are credited to the intended beneficiaries.

Businesses & Individuals

Avoid transfer failures or reversals by verifying bank account details and matching names registered at the bank.

Payments & Fintech Companies

Ensure frictionless onboarding and avoid the mismatched details or failed transactions.

Insurance Providers

Authenticate your users during onboarding or before disbursing the insurance amounts.

Wallet Service Providers

Accelerate your user’s onboarding and the account activation with the instant verification.

Security & Equity Investment Platforms

Enable faster investment starts by verifying bank account details.

Lending Platforms

Ensure zero transfer reversals or failures due to incorrect account numbers before loan disbursement.

Recruitment & Identification Verification Companies

Speed up employee onboarding process & minimize failed transfers.

Integration and Support

Seamless Integration and Comprehensive Support

Quick Integration

Integrate with our APIs in our sandbox environment and go live within few minutes.

Dedicated Support

Receive assistance of dedicated account manager for seamless integration & ongoing support.

Efficient Management

You can manage your verification processes very effortlessly from just a single dashboard.

Robust Documentation

You can access all detailed documentation for a quick and very easy API integration.

Comprehensive Verification Options

Complete Verification Suite

Bank Account Verification

Confirm if a bank account exists, match the beneficiary name with the bank’s records, and minimize failed transfers.

UPI ID Verification

Enter UPI ID to verify its existence and receive the customer’s name if valid.

IFSC Verification

Access the most exhaustive list of IFSC codes, updated weekly, to verify IFSC validity, bank name, and branch.

PAN Verification

Verify the PAN, identify the registered name, and perform bulk verification for up to 10,000 PAN numbers instantly via API.

Aadhaar Verification

Validate Aadhaar numbers with OTP authentication and get detailed user information within seconds.

GSTIN Verification

Validate GSTIN numbers and obtain business details, GSTIN status, business address, and taxpayer type.