At promoney, We Simplify payments with Aadhaar Pay. Effortlessly collect payments using biometric identity.

Cash Management Service

The Power of Financial Management

Empowering the Last Mile of Society

ProMoney’s CMS plays a crucial role in expanding financial services to the last mile of society. By enabling retailers to accept payments and provide instant credit, we bridge the gap between financial institutions and underserved communities, fostering financial inclusion and empowerment.

Experience the Future of Financial Management

Join ProMoney’s CMS revolution today and unlock a world of opportunities for your business. With streamlined payments, instant credit, and lucrative commissions, ProMoney empowers retailers to thrive in the digital economy while expanding financial services to every corner of society.

Streamlined Payments

ProMoney’s CMS streamlines payment processes, enabling retailers to accept payments from various billers with ease and efficiency.

Instant Credit

Retailers can provide instant credit to biller accounts, ensuring efficient and timely transactions while enhancing customer satisfaction.

Lucrative Commissions

Enjoy attractive instant commissions on CMS services, empowering retailers and incentivizing participation in the digital economy.