At promoney, We Simplify payments with Aadhaar Pay. Effortlessly collect payments using biometric identity.

Aadhaar Enabled Payment System

Discover the Future of Payments with Aadhaar Pay

Discover the Future of Payments with Aadhaar Pay

Unlock the simplicity of payments with Aadhaar Pay, a cutting-edge system enabling merchants to collect payments effortlessly using customers’ biometric identity and Aadhar number. Embrace seamless transactions and bid farewell to the hassle of traditional payment methods.

Convenient Cash Withdrawals with ProMoney

Say goodbye to long queues at bank branches. With ProMoney’s Cash Withdrawal service, customers can effortlessly withdraw cash from their bank accounts using their Aadhar card at any ProMoney retailer point. Experience banking convenience like never before.

Aadhaar Pay

Simplify transactions, secure payments.

Cash on the go

Withdraw hassle-free with ProMoney.

Balance at your fingertips

The instant checks, and no queues.

Banking made easy

AePS Balance Inquiry, closer than ever.

Avoid the Hassle of Bank Visits with AePS Balance Inquiry

Gone are the days of tedious bank visits for balance inquiries. With ProMoney’s AePS balance inquiry service, customers can conveniently check their account balances at any Promoney-associated merchant. Enjoy the ease of banking at your closest merchant point.

Access Your Transaction History Instantly

Stay informed about your financial transactions with ProMoney’s Mini Statement service. Bank account holders can effortlessly obtain a mini-bank statement of their last 10 transactions using their Aadhar Card, biometric identity, and account number. Experience banking transparency at its finest.

Empowering Financial Inclusion, One Transaction at a Time